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Puppy Friday: Meet Mocca

Puppy Friday: Meet MoccaPuppy Friday: Meet Mocca

Today, I am excited to bring back another beloved blog series: Spunkyrella’s Puppy Friday. This is where I like to introduce you to amazing pups and their owners and the story behind their bond. Sounds good? Thought so!


This Puppy Friday is entirely dedicated to this four year old  little rascal from Tyrol above, Mocca. I talked to his owner Verena from the aptly titled blog Who Is Mocca? to learn more about this adorable French Bulldog and how their story came to be…


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Behind The Print: DessiDesigns + Giveaway

Behind The Print: DessiDesigns I Spunkyrella.comBehind The Print: DessiDesigns I Spunkyrella.comBehind The Print: Dessi Designs |

It’s been way too long since the last Behind The Print feature on Spunkyrella. So today I am stoked to bring back this popular series with a bang just in time for summer!


Meet Desi Ilieva from Dessi Designs from Southampton, UK. The girl behind the cute and bold phone cases popping up daily in your Instagram feed, a dreamer and doer and total #girlboss who never seems to stop! Learn more about her background, idea development and latest designs. Also, one lucky reader can win a gift card to her shop! What a Monday morning, right?!


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TALKINGThe Monthly Note

June Vibes

June Vibes |

When Thursday feels like Friday because you’re laying in bed, enjoying the air condition while it’s humid and rainy out, you feel like now you have it all. I am so #lifegoals today, I don’t think it can get any better than this, but let’s try anyways…


This week marked the first month of me living in the new place and I honestly can’t wrap my head around that! Is it really 1 month already? Also, how long am I still able to call it the new place until it gets – well – old?

There’s still boxes filled with books and stuff that remind me that I should make up my mind for living room furniture and the one moving box that now functions as my nightstand is basically laughing at me right this second. But with this place, I vowed to myself that I will take my time and not buy just anything only to have proper furniture even though I don’t like it and – let’s be honest – presumably never replace it anyways. Nah, that’s not me. So let those boxes mock me, I will have the last laugh.


After my anxiety was on an all-time high with the move and all the stress that came with it, I connected with my inner handyman, failed mostly and were able to find a real handyman who helped me so much with hanging lights and basically preventing me from killing myself in a freak accident. It’s the little things. I try to have my sh*t together guys, but I am Little Miss Clumsy most of the time. Not in a cute way though.


Still, I came down with an annoying case of sore throat and had a round of antibiotics, while everyone else was sipping iced coffee already gushing about summer. Great timing as usual.


With half of 2016 ending today (how did that happen already?), I re-read my December Vibes post and feel a little nostalgic. Back then, I never would have thought that I’ll be sitting here today, in my brand-new abode on the cusp of this very new and exciting chapter.



Well done, 2016! So far, you do not suck ♥



(Image via Saint of Sass)



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Let’s Step Forward And Take Action



Some Sundays ask for a great mixtape, endless coffees and tv show reruns and others, like today, ask for a candid talk between me and you. Today, I want to ask for your help. Not for me, but for one of us…


A beloved blogger and mommy of 5 kiddos lost her husband this week after a year of battling a very aggressive type of cancer. Many of you surely know Emily Meyers, The Freckled Fox, and her lovely family, don’t you?


When Martin was diagnozed last year, I was speechless like many of you and couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that it happened to them of all people. It just didn’t make any sense. Sickness rarely does, I guess.  My heart broke when I read about his worsened condition, what feels like only seconds ago, before, ultimately, he passed away.


Besides mourning the loss of her husband, Emily has to take care of five kids without a partner now. I think she should be able to focus on her family and on herself and not deal with additional paperwork and bills on top of that. A friend of the family started a fundraiser months ago to support Martin’s treatments. Sadly, that turned out differently but I think the fundraiser should now help out Emily and the kids!


If I lived in Emily’s neighborhood, I would help out with cooking and chores, running errands if she wanted me to. Sadly, I don’t. The great thing about the internet is, that we all can help even though we live miles away. So many are quick to say that this world needs more empathy in terms of crisis but don’t really step forward when action is needed. So, today I ask you do step forward. I ask you to take action. I donated to the fundraiser and hope this helps at least a little bit in these tough days.


I understand that you might be reading this thinking you’re short on money right now. I get it!  I just moved apartments and I am still in need of many things, like a decent table and lamps, but that can wait a little bit. So, instead of heading to get your latte-to-go tomorrow morning, maybe you want to find a better purpose for those bucks?!



Let’s stick together and help one of us out. Let’s make a change, even if it’s just a small one in their current situation. Let’s help out Eleanor, Sophie, John, Lydia, little Evelyn and Emily here.





(Top image courtesy of JustSayinGirl, photo of Emily + kids by In Frames Photography via The Freckled Fox)



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